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Terms of Use

Our aim is to provide visitors with any necessary information about terms and conditions governing the use of our website (hereinafter the “Website”), which every visitor shall carefully read and refrain from use in case of disagreement.

The use of this website requires that you unreservedly accept these terms which shall apply to all the content thereof.


1. Intellectual Property Rights

All content of the Website and in particular, any information and data included therein such as indicatively, trademarks, logos, images, photos, texts, layouts, sounds, services and any kind of files related to products and services provided is either property of or properly licensed to ETHO MARIA and is protected in accordance with relevant provisions of European and national intellectual property legislation (L. 2121/1993 etc.), excluding any third party rights. As a result, it is prohibited to modify, publish, transmit, transfer, reproduce, distribute, display or otherwise use the content hereof, by any means, for commercial or other purposes, without prior written permission. In any case, ETHO MARIA shall not be responsible or liable for any unlawful copy, reproduction, edit, representation, distribution, share, display or any other unauthorized use of content of the Website by any third parties, which might lead to infringement of any third parties’ rights.


2. User Obligations

Visitors shall not violate and shall comply with the regulations and provisions of European and national applicable legislation. Moreover, they must not use this Website to publish, transmit or dispose by other means any content that is unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory or express empathy, racial or other discrimination, violate any patent, trademark, copyright or third party copyrights, provide software viruses or any other codes, files or programs designed to damage, destroy or interfere the operation of any computer software or hardware.

Visitors of this Website are liable for any damage caused in the website, its content, features and operation in general as well as any damage suffered by ETHO MARIA in any way whatsoever, related to improper, unauthorized or unlawful use of the Website and the services and products provided.

In case that ETHO MARIA is involved in any litigation or is required to pay any kind of compensation to third parties for reasons due to breach of user’s obligations, the user shall compensate it for any kind of damage suffered for these reasons.


3. Statement and Limitation of Liability

ETHO MARIA makes every effort to ensure that any information and content of the Website is governed by accuracy, validity, clarity and correctness, so that visitors can be fully informed about the products offered. The user is solely responsible for the use, assessment, evaluation and exploitation of the information provided.

The user is exclusively responsible for any decisions taken based on this information and ETHO MARIA is not obliged to recover or remedy any damage or discrepancies arising from, in relation to or on the occasion of the use of information provided through the Website.

ETHO MARIA will proceed to any necessary actions to ensure the smooth and proper operation of its website, without guaranteeing that it will operate without errors or other kind of technical problems. ETHO MARIA bears no responsibility for any claims and/or damage that visitors may suffer and relate to the operations and/or use of the Website as well as the failure to provide services and/or events made available through it.


4. Navigation to Third Party Websites

The Website may contain references to third party websites and / or provide user with access to third party websites through links, hyperlinks and / or banner ads.

These references may be provided to serve the user and to provide them with additional information. The use of these links will be at the sole responsibility of the visitor. The content of these websites is the sole responsibility of their owners and ETHO MARIA shall not be held liable for this.

ETHO MARIA assumes no liability and does not guarantee in any case for the content, the privacy policy, the correctness, legality, completeness, accuracy or quality of services and the security of other websites that link to the website through such links, nor for the servers through which the website and other websites are made available to the visitor / user.

In addition, ETHO MARIA is not liable for any errors or malfunctions of third party websites, as well as for any damage that might be caused to the visitor/ user from the access and use of the information, services and products provided through them.


5. Certificate of authenticity

ETHO MARIA guarantees the authenticity of all products purchased.

The purchase of every new ETHO MARIA jewel includes a digital authenticity card. Each piece is identifiable by its individual serial number which provides the details of your jewel and guarantees any manufacturing defect for one (1) year.

Your digital authenticity card can be activated by registering your jewel through the dedicated form available at the Website ( by filling in the required information.

We recommend to safely store the card as it guarantees the purchase date and authenticity of your jewels worldwide.

In case the card is lost or for any inquiries please contact one of our Worldwide authorized Etho Maria retailers or our Customer Service team at


6. Privacy and Data Protection Policy

ETHO MARIA recognizes how important is to protect personal data of visitors of this Website. For more information about the data protection and visitors’ rights, please see our Privacy and Data Protection Notice.


7. Third Parties’ Websites

Visitors may access third party websites through the Website and through special links (links, hyperlinks, banners). The content of these websites is at the sole responsibility of their respective owners. In no case will ETHO MARIA be responsible for the content, validity, lawfulness, completeness, update and clarity of information of the above websites.


8. Cookies Policy

Cookies are small text files that are stored by a website on an internet browser while browsing and can thereinafter be recovered in order to identify when users next visit the webpage. For more information about the use of Cookies by the Website and relevant settings, please see our Cookies Policy.


9. Applicable Law – Jurisdiction

These terms are governed by Greek law. The courts of Athens shall be competent to resolve any dispute arising out of these terms.


10. Other Provisions

Any omission or delay of ETHO MARIA to exercise its legal or contractual rights arising from these terms, shall not be construed as waiver thereof nor shall its rights be deemed to be impaired. All the above terms are deemed to be material and may be amended in writing. The invalidity or voidance of a term shall not affect the validity of other terms herein.


11. Amendment of Terms

These terms may be amended or renewed, in whole or in part, where necessary, without prior notice. In the context of good faith and moral usage, the visitor shall regularly visit the website for any changes made hereunder.